Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, unlike Lorr, I didn't forget about the blog, I just was too lazy to post.  I don't have an obsession with Bruno either, lol I just like saying "VASSUP" and "ISH".  It's pretty exciting.

So, this look was created out of total boredom.  Since there are no seasons in SL I just decided to wear something I would wear in like autumn or winter.  The plaid shirt's from Thimbles, which is having a sale.  It's uber exciting, the plaid shirts at Thimbles are like amazing, they come in like a kajillion colors too.  The vest's from Gigi Couture, it comes with 3 different options, it's pretty exciting.  The jeans are from Royal Blue, which is like my new favorite store.  The glasses, ears, and antlers are from Gritty Kitty.  These glasses are great they could be sunglasses or reading glasses :O and THEY'RE COLOR CHANGE.  

Skin-(vive9) Miranda Glow Juice NB Skin (group gift)
Hair-::69:: rush2 - blackishbrown -
Shape- by meee I make customs and stuff so yeah :D
Jeans- (RB) Dark Wash Jeans 
Glasses-Gritty Kitty: DuckLips Glasses
Deer Stuff-Gritty Kitty: WHITE Fawnication

Ish uber exciting,

Uber Fetch

Well since I am really really bad at naming things and Eli has a new obsession with the movie Bruno, this post is declared Uber Fetch.

Even though I like to steer clear of wearing the American flag colors together, the items in the outfit lookes cute and not tacky. (click pictures to view larger)

The dress show here is from a store called boing fromage. I love the contrasting bold colors and the small details at the bottom that look like a European skyline. The bracelet here is from one of my favorite accessory stores called MEZZO. You can get a fatpack of the bracelets and they come in numerous color combinations that can go with any outfit. Also, the necklace can be purchased from a random vendor at a store called Big Boob Boutique. Don't let the name fool you because the accessories offered there are great.

Lately, many stores are having sales and two of them being Aoharu and vive9. I have always loved Aoharu but until this sale have not bought a lot from it. They have a wide array of jackets that in my opinion are some of the best in SL. Also, their new luxury footline has prim toes that actually are easy to color and do not take away from the beauty of the shoes such as the well detailed sandal I'm wearing. Vive9 is a fairly new skin store but makes some beautiful skins. I am awaiting the release of the Miranda skins but when I stopped by I was informed of the sale going on. You can now get all of the old skins including Aoki and Belle for 350L each or only 1k for a fatpack. This is a great deal for the amount of differing makeups offered and the quality so go take a look!

Here is the item listing:

--Poses--Torridwear and ELISA

--Shape--made by me (Ask if you want a custom one)

--Eyelashes--[glow] studio--[glow]studio Vanity eyelashes - feather fly LuckyChair (It might still be in the lucky chair)

--Eyes--artilleri--/artilleri/ Antie eyes *loud blue*

--Pants--*Etoile*--*Etoile*--Black Tweed Pants

--Nails--..::MAI::..--..::MAI::.. Gift Red Nails (Might still be a gift in the store)

--Skin--vive9--(v9) AOKI Light Fall Skin (1k for a fatpack for a limited time)

--Dress--boing fromage--!BF! Sleeveless Printed Frock 1

--Hair Accessory--!!WILD!! O!!--!!WILD!! O!!@Frolics02

--Jacket--AOHARU--AOHARU_BT_ShortJeanJacket_Black (50% off sale)

--Sandals--AOHARU--AOHARU_WALK_EthnicBijouSandals_Onyx (50% off sale)


--Earrings--IZUMIYA--Blue Earrings

--Ring--Redgrave--Ring red saphire / oversize / L *REDGRAVE*

--Hair--Wot?--Wot? - Hair 014 {Starlust} (Gift from the starlust group)

--Necklace--Big Boob Boutique--bbb_chain_gaccha_blk'n'gld_2 (From random vendor. All items are trans so you can trade them and give them as gifts)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Stre3t Wear

So I forgot about this blog for a little because I've been super busy so now I actually have time to post again.

This outfit is something that I would wear in RL walking around town or going shopping.
While everyone was going to the well known or blogged about stores at the hair fair, I looked at every booth and discovered this hair from excess. Despite it being unisex, this hair has wisps around the face which gives it a very feminine look. I love bags in SL because they can be the perfect accessory to any outfit. This bag made my Riki Yifu has very nice textures and details that it would add something to any outfit.

Besides hair, my other SL obsession is skins. The store League, which always carried very nice clothing has now released skins. Once I put on the demo and inspected it, I knew I had to get it. The face is gorgeous and reminds me somewhat of Angelina Jolie but what really sold me on it was the body. I find that many skins have amazing faces, but the body shading lacks or is very overdone. This body had the right amount of shimmer and some scattered freckles which made it imperfect but in a good way. There are two cleavage options for those people who like to either change it up or prefer a certain size. Also, it comes with a hair options which is great because now I can wear some hairs that require it. Overall, the skin is seamless and I cannot complain about any part of it.

(click the pictures for a larger view)

My favorite item of this outfit is the boots. The store Zero Number carries a small range of boots but they all have very detailed textures and the sculpted laces are made perfectly. They also have a worn and old look, which I look for in clothing and shoes because the items seem more life-like.

Here is the full item list. And yes, I'm way too lazy to post all the slurls so post a comment if you have a question about a certain item or want the location (=

--Shape-- made by me (Ask if you want a custom one)

--Animations-- Vain and LAP

--Lashes-- Aphrodite Creations -- AC Lashes Wild Brush

--Hair-- Excess -- ::xs:: messy hair ::castagna

--Eyes-- ..::MAI::.. -- ..::mai::.. gift eyes vol.1 (Was a gift and still might be)

--Tee-- Sera Korea -- sera freebie_unisex_tshirt_headphone (There's tons of cute shirts and accessories at this place)

--Skirt-- Thimbles -- *thimbles* made of evil miniskirt (I think there's a sale at Thimbles so go get this while it's cheap)

--Skin-- League -- *league* skin medium -misty- natural

--Boots-- Zero Number -- [0N] Wo Boots Gomi

--Belt-- Maitreya -- Maitreya - Leather Black

--Headphones -- domoco --docomo_headphone_series color_head (I think I got this from a hunt and to this day I can't find the store so if you have a slurl/lm please send it to me)

--Bag -- **hope squad bag** - bu riki yifu (The creator owns a few stores but the 100L and under store has cute bags like this one)

--Cigarette -- FG Underground -- :::fg underground::: cigarette short gift (When you walk in the store you get this as a gift...not sure if you still do but givd it a try)

--Socks -- BeNoir Designs -- benoir kathy ripped socks blueberry

--Jacket-- Aoharu -- aoharu_bt_jeanjacket_blue (There's a 50% off summer sale so go now!)

--Necklace-- Yabusaka -- <> anchor choker (Rrom the Summer Lovin hunt)

--Ring-- Nomine -- nomine winter shaker ring - black amber

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aoharu at the Hair Fair

I love Aoharu.  It's probably my favorite store on the grid.  And of course, I had to get the new hair fair hair lol.  All this hair is fetch, I guess.  But, my favorite is probably Rinna, it even comes with a hat :O.  Oh, and the Lauren hair's pretty awesome too it comes with a cute headband.  GO VISIT THE HAIR FAIR!

Outfit 1-
Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Rinna01a(Black) 
Tank: Modd.G Ashat Tank (Grey/Purple)
Jeans: : DUTCH TOUCH :: Jeans Ripped Xtra - Dark
Skin: :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Lovely-Firehouse 2
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable

Outfit 2-
Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Jessie01a(Black)
Tank: *Etoile* - Neige Racerback Tank 
Jeans: : DUTCH TOUCH :: Jeans Ripped Xtra - Dark
Skin: :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Lovely-Firehouse 2
Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable

Outfit 3-
Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Lauren01a(Black)
Top:Part of the AOHARU_BT_SportySalopetteSkirt_Pink outfit 
Shorts:   Plain Shorts
Skin: :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Lovely-Firehouse 2
Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable

live long and prosper?

Monday, June 15, 2009


My first post on ze blog.  Pretty exciting.  I actually didn't wear my Sylar shirt for this look, which is quite exciting.  Other than that, I hope I remember to post on here again.

Tank:*Etoile* - Prism Tank [The tank's from Lorr's store Etoile, you should go check it out.]
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable
Boots: *Kookie* Muggy Cupcake Freebies <3
Bracelet: -hymn- woody lilly bracelet 
Eyes:[]::Tuli::[] intense eyes - brown [Tuli group gift]
Skirt: Maitreya Cleo Jeans Skirt - Charcoal
Skin: :GP: Petal FREX [Light] Lovely-Firehouse 2
Hair: !lamb. Cherry - Obsidian


Hippie Chic

To anyone who is actually reading this, welcome to a fetchtastic experience. A few days ago Eli and I decided to start this out of our randomness, (I actually thought she was joking) but here it is! I hope you enjoy reading whatever we put on here <33lorrelle>

This is an outfit that one of my friends described as a modernized hippie.

click it to view a larger image (=

First off I am wearing a Curio skin from the June 2 line. The skin has perfect details and an amazing body with well places highlights so getting a fatpack of it is worth it. You get light and dark shades, with and without freckles and 6 makeups so 3k is a steal for the 48 skins.

The jacket is my new obsession from the store Algernon. It has a great leather texture and I love that the sculpty parts fit nicely and I didn't need to modify it at all. It comes in tan and blue also so you can have one to match every outfit.

The jeans are a group gift from somapop. It is really worth it to join the group because they always give out nice gifts such as these jeans, tank tops or tattoos. Also check out the store for some cute items that are well priced and worth having.

Here's the listing of the items im wearing. I might put slurls in at a later date but right now you can search the shops or IM me if you would like a lm or the creator's name.

--Shape--made my me (ask if you would like a custom one done)

--Curio Skin--:GP: Acorn Frex [Light] June-Calla Lily 1

--TheAbyss Eyelashes-- Opium Eyelashes Long (this comes in the Opium Avvie pack)

--MAI Eyes--..::MAI::.. Gift Eyes Vol.1 (might be still in the store as a gift)

--CHAI Nailpolish--CHAI Polish-Blue (one of the nicest blue polishes I have seen)

--Isle's Inc. Tattoo--Asian Tattoo

--Algernon Jacket--*Alg.* Croco Leather Jacket Blue

--somapop Jeans--[SP] sticker jeans

--Cupcakes Top--Yellow rainbow tube top (this is an old one so it might be in the bargain basement now)

--mocorin Hair Accessory--*mocorin* Dandelion HAIRakuse big (candy)

--shop sey Necklace--:sey "pin-choker" [Xsmall]

--Frop Ring--Frrop! Peace Ring (this is from the VIP Hunt I think but check the store)

--Novocaine Hair--Novocaine Hair - Jaya - mocha (on sale for 50L at the Truth mainstore so go grab it before the same ends)

--magi take Sneakers--magi take sports sneaker [S][ yellow ]

See you next time--Lorre